While most cases do settle out of court, some matters do need to be heard by a judge or an arbitrator. Amie has over 35 years of courtroom and litigation experience but now exclusively focuses on the use of conflict resolution skills and techniques for her family law clients. Litigation is expensive and emotionally taxing, and there are a number of excellent alternatives.

Every case is different, and success in one case does not constitute a guarantee of success in another. No ethical attorney should ever promise a specific result.

Some unsolicited testimonials from clients and families Amie has represented -

"Dear Amie, I write on the eve of my precious daughter's 18th birthday to thank you for the support and kindness you've shown us. While the past six years has been a difficult journey, I feel blessed that our paths have crossed in such a manner that you were able to professionally guide us through the abyss. Thank you again ever so much".

"Hi Amie, Just wanted to give you an update and let you know how much I appreciate everything you did for me last year. So, life is good! You told me it would be, and you were right. I know I wasn't an easy or cooperative client because of my emotional state at the time, but you somehow kept me from derailing it all and got a great settlement for me. I have given your name to a few people who asked, and I will continue to recommend you to others in the future as well. Please give my regards and thanks to Paula as well."

"Dear Amie, (Our daughter and grandson) have arrived here! On behalf of the whole family, thank you. I think it was the most peaceful night's sleep we have had for eleven months. This has been a very humbling experience. We know where we would be without you. Thank you for all your extra time and concern. Thank you for your patience in answering all our questions. Thank you for the hard work well done. It's because of you... the you, who you really are... that this case was handled the way it was. We are just thankful for you and that your life crossed ours when we needed you so much. With heartfelt appreciation."

"Dear dear, Amy (sic) Rodnick, I cannot express my thanks enough for all the things you have done for me and all the work and time you have put into my case. I am very happy with my home and am delighted at the thought that I do not have to go back to my psycho-mother's house. Excellent work in court, I might add." (16 year old boy)

"Dear Amie, On behalf of my family, I want to thank you for your representation of my daughter across the past twelve months. You displayed strong insight and an informed understanding of law to organize and manage the situation. It is our belief that your expertise, and use of that expertise within the family law framework in Travis County, contributed strongly to a positive outcome. As a family, we are committed to contributing our time and effort for (our grandson) to overcome the effects of his mistreatment last summer. We recognize it will take time and patience. It is our view he now has a chance to heal. Again, thank you and Paula for your great help and professionalism."

"Dear Aimee (sic) - I want to thank you for the excellent job you did representing (my sister) last week. We were so happy that she found an attorney that was so supportive of her and could understand her frustration. She has had a rough life the past few years. Due to your efforts, maybe she can move on and begin a new life. Happy Holidays to you and your staff and families. Thank you."

"Dear Amie, My words cannot express my gratitude and happiness & respect for you and what you have accomplished for me - walking me through this most difficult time in my life. Thank you so very much for who you are and choose to be. I await your communications to finalize the decree, etc. Best and warmest regards."

"Amie, It's been a long, patience-trying journey that has come to a close. I want to thank you for what's on the surface: helping me to have stability, guiding me along in a very complex legal system and your amazing, efficient verbal and writing abilities so intrinsic to the success we gained. But you also were a source of strength throughout the process of the dissolution of marriage, providing much-appreciated confidence. Thank you for an incredible job done."

"Amie, Mother had been fretting so over her will and the power of attorney. What you did for her she could hardly believe. Never has someone done such an important thing for her like this. I have no idea what a person like me can do for a lawyer, but if my abilities can be of any use to you, call on me. What a very kind thing to do for a very poor elderly woman."

"Thanks so much, Amie. It may sound silly, but it is such a relief to have the court order followed. Without your help, she would without doubt attempt to do us real harm. Thanks again."

"Amie, Thanks for being good and tough. You saved my a**."

"Dear Ms. Rodnick, I appreciate your time and consideration in talking with me regarding my legal case. Your attention and information during our phone conversation assisted me greatly. I will certainly remember you when someone is in need of a good attorney."

"Dear Amie. I feel that skill, experience and concentration are what make a person be a persuasive orator. Seeing you in action at my hearing yesterday this would be a fitting description. Along with the excellent job examining witnesses, I couldn't have improved both the opening and closing statements you made on my behalf. As I mentioned in the courtroom, it's reassuring having you represent me. Have a real good Memorial Day holiday."